Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts: Beauty in the Small Things

I did not publish any blog posts last week because I "ran away" to my mom's cabin in the woods where there is no computer (no TV either). It was a special time of resting, relaxing, and spending time with Mama. Because of some wonderful summer rains, there was an abundance of wildflowers in all varieties, sizes and colors. During some of our walks I took her camera and had a great time experimenting with the macro and super macro settings as I photographed some of what we saw.
The mushrooms also loved the moisture. They ranged in size from really big to incredibly small:
There were numerous butterflies enjoying the flowers, and teensey frogs (about 1/2" long) delighting in the puddles and ponds left by the rains:
One day we were extremely blessed to see this tiny fawn, curled up and hiding next to a log that had fallen across our path. Although we tried to be very quiet so as not to disturb him, he sensed us, got up, and dantily hurried off to a safer spot.
All-in-all it was a fantastic week and I am so thankful for the wonders we were privileged to experience.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Favorite: Teresa of Tmpenrose

Today I am shining the limelight on Teresa, another wonderful Etsy seller, and fellow Team CAC member. This busy lady, who has recently celebrated her 2nd anniversary on Etsy,  has not one, but THREE etsy shops:


Teresa lives by herself in Santa Ana, California. She has two brothers, still living, but her Mom, Dad and one brother have passed away. She states, “I'm very comfortable in my singleness. I like my own company and don't feel lonely. I love to read (almost any kind of fiction - fantasy, sci fi, mystery, thriller, suspense), watch movies and DVD's of TV shows. I don't subscribe to cable TV. Nearly every Sunday I visit three dear friends and we play cards and have dinner. Sometimes we do a bible study.”

In regards to her wonderful jewelry making and crocheting abilities, here is what Teresa had to say. “I've been making jewelry since May of 2007. I walked into a Tall Mouse one day to pick up a frame and saw the Bead Lounge. I thought I would check it out. I'd been looking for a specific pair of earrings for years. After looking around the Bead Lounge I found they have classes on making jewelry so I signed up. After I completed that class, I signed up for another, then another, next thing I know, I'm hooked! As far as inspiration for her creations Teresa says, “I make what I like to wear most of the time. Otherwise, I will be inspired by something I see in a magazine or by what someone is wearing.”

(Teresa's favorite. "It feels so good on and it is so classic looking")

I've been crocheting since the beginning of the year. I used to crochet as a teenager, but got bored with it. Now it seems like a second skin to me! Love it!”

This gorgeous light up church is from Teresa's de-stash shop:

Be sure to visit all three wonderful shops from a very talented etsy seller.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts: Change of Plans

I have been trying to blog 3 times a week, but am finding myself feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that I should be doing, feeling I just can't keep up with everything. Sooooo, I am going to try just doing two blog posts a week, one on Tuesday and one on Friday. Today's will be short and sweet!
I am working to get ready for a showing in Flagstaff (Arizona) on Friday, August 6. On the first Friday of each month numerous  shops in downtown Flagstaff stay open late and also allow artists to set up small tables in front of their shops. Many local residents as well as visitors come to enjoy the "art walk" downtown. A friend of mine is allowing me to set up a table in front of her gallery, "West of the Moon" (if you're ever in Flagstaff, please go visit her wonderful little shop, or visit her website westofthemoongallery.com) I plan on displaying a few of my tees and I will be painting a tee, so people can see exactly how the shirts are done. I am hoping to be able to get some orders and hand out lots of business cards. I may blog about this again, after the event, to let you know how it went. Prayers for a good showing would be greatly appreciated! :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friday Favorite: Angela of Hampton House

My featured etsian for today is Angela aka Hampton House, a member of the etsy community since February 24, 2008. She lives in North East Texas and describes herself as Wife, Mom, Grandmom, and Child of The Most High God! as well as a Certified Jeweler, and Certified Gemologist. Angela’s family includes Wesley, her husband of 20 years, five children: Kara 27, Haleigh 23, Chelsea 18, Micah and Jordan 17,

and two absolutely adorable grandchildren: Isaiah 6, and Caleb 2 mos.
 She is a history buff and will seek out anything that has historical value. She is also fairly active in her church and can be found there at least 3 times a week.
Angela has a jewelry store, and from pictures I’ve seen online, I think I’d LOVE to go shopping there!
She has been making jewelry since 2005, but has been involved in the art world since she was in 4th grade. When I asked where she finds her inspiration for her beautiful pieces Angela replied, “It seemed odd when I first heard someone say this, but if I am working with a stone, I let it direct me.” As far as favorite pieces from her store, Angela loves vintage jewelry and says; “I have a few Edwardian pieces that I drool over, but won't take home.”

Angela is one of the founders of our wonderful etsy Team, Christian Artists and Crafters. I asked her to explain what inspired her to begin this team:

“I had applied to join a different team in late summer 2008. I wasn't and still am not real sure of all the ins and outs of being on a team, but the team I was wanting to be a member of had a "verbal" altercation in it. I was so shocked by it, I truly didn't understand what was being said or why, as I was still very new to the team. Anyway... That made me a bit skiddish about being on the team. Hindsight shows that some of the decisions I made then probably were more emotional than anything else. I left the team, thinking that there had to be another Christian team on Etsy. I couldn't find one, soooo I asked a former moderator to help me get one started. She did, and we now have TeamCAC. I don't know that that is inspirational, but it is how it happened. :o)

Come check out this link to Angela's  facebook fan page:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Wanderings: My New "Do"

I kept saying I was going to do it...and I finally did...I got my hair cut short. Between the summer desert heat and my hot flashes (old age is so much fun!) I needed a "cooler" hair cut. A couple of weeks ago I went in to the hair salon and said "I want it off!". As the stylist started cutting away, some of the other employees would pass by her station and say things like, "Wow, you really meant it!" or "You're getting rid of a lot of length!" I'm still getting used to my new cut and still trying to decide the best way to style it, but I am loving having it so much shorter and off my neck. I took some "before" pictures but can't seem to locate them, so I'll just post some etsy pics:

then today I took some "after" pics:

So, what do you think?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Memories: Tiger, Tiger

"Out of Africa" Part 2.  Last week I talked about my experience kissing the giraffe, but that was just the beginning of a totally awesome day at the wildlife park. Not only does the park have an amazing variety of animals to see, they have fun and informative shows during the day. One we attended introduced us to a tortoise, iguana, and some large snakes:

One of the most awesome shows was the "Tiger Splash".  Using balloon stuffed clothes and balloons covered with cloth (each tied to the ends of poles), the handlers would run with them and let the tigers chase the ballon targets  simulating a "hunt". It was awesome watching those powerful animals chase after their "prey", then leap at it with front paws outstretched to grab it, and of course, popping the balloons in the process (which the tigers seemed to love). Those beautiful animals would even jump into the water when the target was directed over the pool!

One thing I did not realize is that hyenas can be more vicious and unpredictable than tigers! Following the "Tiger Splash" show there was one with the hyenas, but the trainers would not get into the arena with them because, as the announcer said, "We discovered that we were allergic to bruises and blood, that is our own bruises and blood!"  The trainers threw some boxes sprayed with an "enticing aroma" into the arena and the hyenas would go after them, and even sort of fight for them. When pieces of meat were tossed into the pool, the hyenas would actually jump in and dive for the meat which had sunk to the bottom. These incredible animals made a haunting sound that sent chills up my spine. I commented that I certainly would not want to be in the wilds of Africa and hear that sound!
In addition to the Serengeti tour (last Monday's post) and the shows, we spent time just touring the wonderful park and seeing an amazing varitey of God's incredible creatures.
All in all it was a totally fantastic day! (All photos shown here were taken by my awesomely talented sister)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Praising Promotions!

Just wanted to let everyone know about these great promotions  that I am participating in.

Link party hosted by Remodelaholic:

Link party hosted by Tools are for Women, Too:

And I'm joining in with many etsy sellers for our Christmas in July Sale:
My shop link: http://www.lavontees.etsy.com/

Blog link with instructions for shopping the sales on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/storque/how-to/shop-etsys-community-christmas-in-july-sale-9348/

Come check out all the fantastic sales and great shops!