Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Memories: Tiger, Tiger

"Out of Africa" Part 2.  Last week I talked about my experience kissing the giraffe, but that was just the beginning of a totally awesome day at the wildlife park. Not only does the park have an amazing variety of animals to see, they have fun and informative shows during the day. One we attended introduced us to a tortoise, iguana, and some large snakes:

One of the most awesome shows was the "Tiger Splash".  Using balloon stuffed clothes and balloons covered with cloth (each tied to the ends of poles), the handlers would run with them and let the tigers chase the ballon targets  simulating a "hunt". It was awesome watching those powerful animals chase after their "prey", then leap at it with front paws outstretched to grab it, and of course, popping the balloons in the process (which the tigers seemed to love). Those beautiful animals would even jump into the water when the target was directed over the pool!

One thing I did not realize is that hyenas can be more vicious and unpredictable than tigers! Following the "Tiger Splash" show there was one with the hyenas, but the trainers would not get into the arena with them because, as the announcer said, "We discovered that we were allergic to bruises and blood, that is our own bruises and blood!"  The trainers threw some boxes sprayed with an "enticing aroma" into the arena and the hyenas would go after them, and even sort of fight for them. When pieces of meat were tossed into the pool, the hyenas would actually jump in and dive for the meat which had sunk to the bottom. These incredible animals made a haunting sound that sent chills up my spine. I commented that I certainly would not want to be in the wilds of Africa and hear that sound!
In addition to the Serengeti tour (last Monday's post) and the shows, we spent time just touring the wonderful park and seeing an amazing varitey of God's incredible creatures.
All in all it was a totally fantastic day! (All photos shown here were taken by my awesomely talented sister)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful and informative wildlife park. I don't think I would take any chances with the tigers or the hyenas. I had heard that hyenas were vicious but had no idea they would track their prey underwater...guess we should remember that in case we are ever being chased by hyenas. Can they climb? I sure hope not.

  2. Thanks! My kids liked looking at the pictures of the animals, too!