Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Wanderings: My New "Do"

I kept saying I was going to do it...and I finally did...I got my hair cut short. Between the summer desert heat and my hot flashes (old age is so much fun!) I needed a "cooler" hair cut. A couple of weeks ago I went in to the hair salon and said "I want it off!". As the stylist started cutting away, some of the other employees would pass by her station and say things like, "Wow, you really meant it!" or "You're getting rid of a lot of length!" I'm still getting used to my new cut and still trying to decide the best way to style it, but I am loving having it so much shorter and off my neck. I took some "before" pictures but can't seem to locate them, so I'll just post some etsy pics:

then today I took some "after" pics:

So, what do you think?


  1. WOW! You really did go short! It looks great!

  2. Very cute haircut!

  3. Love it!
    congrats on the new do!

  4. Love your new do!! I too am having hot flashes and hate the heat! Short hair is awesome!