Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Favorite: Teresa of Tmpenrose

Today I am shining the limelight on Teresa, another wonderful Etsy seller, and fellow Team CAC member. This busy lady, who has recently celebrated her 2nd anniversary on Etsy,  has not one, but THREE etsy shops:

Teresa lives by herself in Santa Ana, California. She has two brothers, still living, but her Mom, Dad and one brother have passed away. She states, “I'm very comfortable in my singleness. I like my own company and don't feel lonely. I love to read (almost any kind of fiction - fantasy, sci fi, mystery, thriller, suspense), watch movies and DVD's of TV shows. I don't subscribe to cable TV. Nearly every Sunday I visit three dear friends and we play cards and have dinner. Sometimes we do a bible study.”

In regards to her wonderful jewelry making and crocheting abilities, here is what Teresa had to say. “I've been making jewelry since May of 2007. I walked into a Tall Mouse one day to pick up a frame and saw the Bead Lounge. I thought I would check it out. I'd been looking for a specific pair of earrings for years. After looking around the Bead Lounge I found they have classes on making jewelry so I signed up. After I completed that class, I signed up for another, then another, next thing I know, I'm hooked! As far as inspiration for her creations Teresa says, “I make what I like to wear most of the time. Otherwise, I will be inspired by something I see in a magazine or by what someone is wearing.”

(Teresa's favorite. "It feels so good on and it is so classic looking")

I've been crocheting since the beginning of the year. I used to crochet as a teenager, but got bored with it. Now it seems like a second skin to me! Love it!”

This gorgeous light up church is from Teresa's de-stash shop:

Be sure to visit all three wonderful shops from a very talented etsy seller.


  1. Lavon - thank you so much for the beautiful write up! I feel so blessed!

  2. Her bead work is absolutely amazing! Praying that the Lord blesses her shop!