Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday Memories: Giraffe Kissing 101

Okay, so it's not Monday. I meant to do this yesterday...does that count? My walk down memory lane today takes us to Africa...well actually "Out of Africa", a wonderful wildlife animal park in Camp Verde, AZ. Last spring I went with my mom, sisters, aunts and cousin for a "girls’ day out" to this wonderful nature attraction. While there we took the tour bus through the "Serengeti", an area where the animals roam freely and the people just watch from the bus (no "man eaters" like lions, tigers, or hyenas in this area though). When we got near the giraffes, they would come right up to the bus and stick their heads in the windows or the door. They were looking for the treats (sort of  like hard, thick cookies) we each had been given to share with them.

Our guide showed us how to put the edge of the giraffe treat in our teeth to entice the giraffe to "kiss" us as they took the treat from our mouth. Those brave enough to try it were warned that we needed to be sure to keep our lips closed or that long, slimy giraffe tongue would smear giraffe slobber across our teeth! My oldest sister and I both braved the giraffe slobber (I'm the second picture)!

My kids could not believe I actually DID it...I kissed a giraffe! Good thing I had a picture to prove it.
We did and saw many other wonderful things at this awesome park, too many to recount in one blog post. I will relate those adventures in future blog posts.


  1. I found you again! I don't know why I lost you!!

    How are you!!!


  2. Sounds like an interesting and fun animal park. Think you might be braver than I to kiss an giraffe. I would be afraid of getting slimed.

  3. Oh my! I don't know if I could do that or not. =) That's quite an experience and great pictures!

  4. EWWWW!!! Giraffe breath!!!
    Just kidding! That is so cool! Definitely not something everyone can say!

  5. That's very cool. My husband would have conniptions- he freaks out if the kids kiss their guinea pigs!