Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Favorite: Cory Ahern of "Falling Star Lane"

Today's Friday Favorite is a wonderfully talented lady whom I consider a friend even though we've only "met" online. Cory has a fantastic etsy shop: FallingStarLane .  I will let her tell her story:

About me:
I am 47, married for almost 23 years, a born again Christian, in love with my husband and best friend. I have been so blessed with healthy, happy children, and have more to be grateful for than I can get my brain wrapped around sometimes. I am learning to be content with this life, and to rely on my God to help me improve my relationship with Him. Trying not to whine is getting easier, as I realize that growing up means becoming more mature! I love to laugh, and make others smile or laugh, and to see the humorous in so much of my life.

I live in Costa Mesa California. I have 5 kids, 1 grandson, soon to be a son and a daughter in law - 2 weddings coming up! I love to read and watch TV and movies - I don't get as much time to do so now that I am on etsy and the computer so much. I guess you could say, I also like the computer! I love entertaining, having company. Feeding people is a good thing!

Thoughts on my crafting:
I do a lot of different crafts. I have been sewing for 30 years or so, and making cards for over 25. I love paper and so having the card making as a craft became necessary. I have been making jewelry for 12 years or so. I love anything crafty, really, I just have a need to be making and learning. Many of my crafting abilities came about because I needed to give a gift to someone, and didn't like what there was to buy, so I made something instead - and a new skill is born!!! Because, I had to make something different than the last gift, right? Crafters justification for expanding my repertoire!! I get my inspiration for my crafts from all over, really. I look at other people’s works, books, magazines, catalogs, TV, even nature. I see so much potential in making stuff, and improving on designs. I don't copy, but I do see things, of course, and get inspired to try to alter/change/improve upon an idea. It's part of the creative process, I think, and is very challenging. I love to garden, because I feel alive around plants, and I want to become a very good photographer.

My etsy business:
Having a shop on etsy has been an answer to prayer for me, and the work it takes is well worth it.  I listed my first item on etsy May 25th of last year, and it's still here, funnily enough! But I have had a good amount of sales, no real complaints. I love to get special orders - I do welcome the challenge, and it totally expands my creative ability to make something with input from someone else, especially if they know what they want and are guiding me towards the finished product. I have started participating in a local monthly craft show as well, and really enjoy it.

Some of my favorites:
I love this a lot, it's an original to me design:

and I love my jewelry wraps, which is an invention of mine - I am trying to get it protected:

and I will be very unhappy when this sells, it was a massive effort, and I probably won't make it again!

It's hard to say favorite - I really love making so many things - I have always loved gift shops, the kind with lots of goodies, and a wide variety of things to choose from, and so I guess I sort of tailored my shop along that image.

I have ideas for future endeavors, also, I want to learn to throw pottery, and weld metals, and I really would love to learn stained glass. I also would love to learn to paint water colors. I try to mimic the beauty God has created around us -I guess He's my biggest source of inspiration. I know He has given me ideas in my dreams, jewelry designs and such, and I couldn't do anything without Him being here with me.

Life is good, I am blessed, and I love to share, so this venue has become a good one for me.


  1. I just love fallingstar! What ambition!
    Bloomfield Beads

  2. Gorgeous items and wonderful feature!!

  3. Cory has a very full and 'rich' life. So wonderful.

    BEAUTIFUL jewelry.

    Thank you for your blog - I am loving finding out more about my teammates.


  4. Lavon: I had to laugh at my blogger reader! First there's your sad face and right under it is my smiley face! LOL

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Lovely! Cory is truly a wonderful woman and I have appreciated her immensely! I pray that the Lord richly blesses her shop and endeavors!

  6. What a blessing to see this wonderful shop and the lady behind it. Nice picture of her and her lovely daughters! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a great feature! Cory makes beautiful pieces! :)

  8. Thanks for featuring Cory's shop to us. I enjoyed getting to know her better!

  9. Great feature! Thank you for putting her in the spotlight! She deserves it!

  10. You really blessed me by doing this. Thank you very much!!
    God bless,