Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Favorite: Sue Anderson of "MYSAVIOR"

Every Friday I hope to feature one of my favorite sellers from Etsy. I'm going to start this off with a wonderful Christian lady who does fantastic photography, Sue Anderson. I asked her to tell us a little about herself:

"I live in West Milford, New Jersey which is at the northern most part of NJ and If I traveled about 5 minutes up Lakeside Road I would be in New York State.

I have 2 adult daughters, Jenifer age 37 and Jodi age 35. Jenifer is a single mom of my two grandsons Cole age 16 1/2 and Noah age 8 1/2. Jenifer and the boys live here with me. I love being so close to them. My daughter Jodi has been married to Jonathan for 4 years and they live in Ohio. We have 2 kittys, Mango and Inky and my doggie Chichi.

I love to cook, crochet and read all types of novels and I am very intrigued with real life history.

I have been taking photos from the very first day my parents gave me a brownie camera for my tenth birthday. I believe that I have had an eye for photographic image balance from a young age and have always loved the beautiful things in nature. God's nature.

When I joined Etsy my intention was to just buy but the Lord guided me to Team CAC and I became interested in maybe trying to sell some of my photographs. Now I am being guided to go more towards selling photograph greeting cards.

The inspiration for my photography is easy. It is the Lord's beauty that inspires me.

My favorite item in my shop at this time is a digitally enhanced photograph of the sun through the clouds that I made into a greeting card for Easter called He is Risen. The original photograph is a blue sky with white clouds and the sun rays coming through."

Her etsy shop, MYSAVIOR, has a terrific collection of photos and photo cards that truly do depict the beauty of God's creation. A couple of my favorites from her shop:

"He is Risen" photo Easter card

Ephereal Lady of The Evening Gown Reflection Photograph

Please be sure to visit this shop full of incredibly beautiful photos and cards:


  1. Awww... Great post Lavon. YAY SUE! What an awesome lady!

  2. I love Sue's shop! This is a great Friday Favorite!
    Bloomfield Beads

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me Lavon. You did an absolutely beautiful job.


  4. Thanks for featuring Sue's shop. She has so many beautiful items. I love the "He is Risen" card. Good choice, Lavon!

  5. Great profile of a wonderful fellow Etsy seller, and all around beautiful person. Her work and spirit are so inspirational!

  6. I love all the background you gave about Sue! That photograph has always blown me away! Great job, Lavon!

  7. Sue is a doll! Love her! So stoked that you featured her today!

  8. This s a beautiful feature of a truly wonderful person! I was Sue's secret sister last year and we have developed a genuine friendship!

    Thank you for featuring her shop. I love Sue's photography.

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. That was beautiful! How nice to read about Sue...she really is a wonderful woman...very generous and abounding with kindness.

    I love her photography...thank you for the lovely feature Lavon!

  10. Sue is such an amazing lady and a great photographer

  11. Nice post, Lavon! You did a great job putting it all together, and it was fun to learn more about Sue!

  12. I love all of Sue's photos and I can say that I have truly grown to love her as a person, and the more I get to know here through TeamCAC, the move I love her. She is such a wonderful person and always so encouraging to others. I feel honestly blessed to count her as my friend!

  13. Lavon, what great blog! I love that I have really learned about Sue here. I love Sue to bits and am happy to see her featured in your blog. Love the photos! Sue definitely has a gift! Love the He is Risen card!

  14. Great job Lavon! and great profile! God bless you both!