Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Wanderings...It's SNOWING

Okay, maybe it's not REALLY snowing here, but I'm sure it must be somewhere! Since we live in the desert, I get my "snow fix" with my fun and ever growing collection of snowmen. For many years I only displayed them in January as my "Winter Decorations", but I thought they were too cute to leave stored away 11 months out of the year. Despite the teasing from my two children (and on occasion, my darling hubby), I decided to put them on display year round. So here they are in all their snowy splendor:

I discovered this adorable fella  in a grocery store after Christmas. He was just too cute to resist! My daughter pretended not to know me as I walked around the store with a 2 1/2 foot tall snowman tucked under my arm!
This is one of my most precious items in my collection. It's a snowman candle holder given to me as an unexpected gift from a very special etsy friend, Bobbie, from her shop
So there you have it...snow in the desert!


  1. What a great collection. Do you have to dust it?? LOL''

    I would love to send you one of my crocheted neck warmers but I think the desert may be too warm! Although my friend in New Mexico gets snow and she is in the southern part near Mexico.

  2. Very cute collection Lavon! If you can't make the real thing, you have plenty of snowmen to look at, and they never melt!

  3. Hi, Lavon! We have snow! You can come up any time to visit. :) I enjoy looking at your snowman display whenever I visit you. I think of you whenever I see a snowman -- occasionally you end up with them. :)
    Your ever loving big sis, Kathleen :)

  4. What an amazing collection Lavon. I don't think I could display them all year round, I love seasons...I've already put away my snowmen and brought out the spring florals. I'm ready for the brown to fade away. =0P

  5. Lavon, You did a great job showing your men off. Love, Mama