Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Memories: Easter 2009

It's hard to believe that a year has already passed since the fun family time we had last Easter. My son, living about an hour north of us still comes down for fairly frequent visits, but my daughter now lives in Florida, so my main contact with her is via the internet. So goes the life of the empty nesters. I must learn to be more consistent with picture taking so I have "photo memories" of special times together. Thankfully, both my children are better than I am at remembering the camera,  so I have these great pictures of my family during last year's Easter preparations. Here is my tongue-in-cheek tutorial of how to dye Easter eggs:

First you have to read the directions (a very important step, guys usually choose to skip this one), get all the necessary items, and prepare the egg dye:

Once all the dye is ready you must carefully plan your design. You can choose to simply dye the egg one solid color, use different colors on different portions of the egg for multi-colored creations, draw a design on the egg using crayon and then dying it, put a shrink wrap sleeve over said egg then placing it in the hot dye bath, place stickers on the egg for added embellishment...and so on and so forth...

Make certain that Mom and Dad take their turn at it too!

Now you have gorgeous eggs ready for Easter!

Hope this very informative (goofy) photo tutorial is helpful in preparing for next Sunday but the most important point to remember (beyond all this silliness) is that the TRUE meaning of Easter is to celebrate Christ's supreme sacrifice for us on the cross and that glorious Sunday when His followers heard the wonderful news:


  1. It looks like you had so much fun!
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  2. What fun! What a wonderful happy family you all are.
    I am blessed to know you, Lavon!

  3. This looks like such a fun bonding-time. How cute!

  4. My kids are ready to dye eggs! Thanks for the cute post!

  5. You must be so proud of your beautiful family, not too mention the eggs!

  6. You have a beautiful family! Looks like you had a great time too!

  7. I have always loved decorating eggs with my family! It is a wonderful family tradition! :)